I joined the Crutchfield team in April of 1992. I had just finished a 6-year stint in the US Naval Submarine Program as a Radioman 2nd Class (RM2ss). In the Navy, I was an electronic technician that operated and repaired communication equipment aboard submarines. With me having a rather large family and with Crutchfield having a reputation of being a family-oriented company, it was only logical to seek employment here. I'm glad I did, Crutchfield has exceeded my expectations and it has been a great fit with my electronics background.

My first job role here at Crutchfield was a Product Support Specialist. It was a good start, as it helped me to learn our products, and I was able to help our customers enjoy the products they purchased from us. In Nov of 1993, I transferred to the Sales Department and have been here ever since. I can't say that I was always aspiring to sell car and home audio, but it certainly has worked great so far. We sell a lot of really neat stuff and I love talking to people and helping them find what is just right for them.

When I started here at Crutchfield my wife and I had 4 children, and my family has since grown. I now have five children, one daughter, and four boys. It is no surprise that most of my time away from work is consumed with coaching little league football, and youth wrestling, and just being a dad. I love being a dad! My daughter is grown and married, and has given us an awesome grandson. My two oldest boys are both commissioned officers in the US Army and I could not be prouder, and my two youngest boys are both in High School now. Man does time fly!

When I am not playing taxicab for the kids, spending time with my beautiful wife, or coaching, I enjoy riding my Harley, fishing and hanging with my friends.

My Crutchfield career has been a great ride, over the years and still going strong. The stuff we sell is fun, the people I work with are the best in the business and I enjoy helping the people I meet on the phone. If I can help you, please give me call.

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John L. wrote on November 28
Lee, thanks for your help today. I appreciate the time you took in helping me make sure I had the right audio equipment for my son's truck. It will make a big difference to him this holiday. It was a pleasure to talk with you!

Lex Semenenko wrote on September 29
Thank you Lee. I talked to you on the phone today, and you were a huge help. I ordered what you advised.

Les wrote on August 17
I have been dealing with Crutchfield since 1994. I look back and see that Lee has helped me more than anyone. If you have dealt with him you know why. That's why I keep going back!!

Bryan Matthew wrote on November 14
Lee was helpful, courteous, and efficient with my order - I needed to make a purchase and redeem a gift card. Thanks again!

Will wrote on October 12
Lee was awesome to work with. He confirmed my order and gave me peace of mind that I had all I needed for my Jeep Wrangler. Thanks Lee:-)

Ron Davis wrote on November 10
Lee was very informative on the information i was needing. great attitude

Jacques Olis wrote on November 10
Thanks Lee for your help, thanks for your service.

Andrew F wrote on March 29
I just got off the phone with Lee. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. Since the stereo I "thought" I had wanted is discontinued, he helped me find one that would be a great, maybe even better, alternate. Lee, thank you for your awesome customer service. I will call you when I need to buy anything else from Crutchfield.

Mark McCoy wrote on November 4
Lee was very helpful with my quick questions. Look forward to working with him again in the future.


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