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I have had a very rich and varied career, which includes three years as a Home A/V writer at Crutchfield. During this time I wrote about in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, home theater receivers, sound bars, surveillance systems and much more.

I am a veteran elementary school teacher, radio reporter and news producer, still perform commercial voice-overs on the side, spent six years in the restaurant business and a half a year as a barman in London. I performed my undergraduate work at SUNY Brockport (Go Golden Eagles!) and have my Master's in Teaching from the University of Virginia (Go Hoos!).

My love of all things A/V started on the A/V squad in elementary school helping teachers with projectors, slides and other devices that befuddled them.. I have an almost ideal history with electronics that now almost seems quaint. I have fiddled with amps and pre-amps filled with vacuum tubes, got my start in photography with a Yashika dual-lens reflex, have edited audio tape with a china marker and a razor blade. But as much as I loved that stuff, I have followed the modern era in electronics and always stayed up to date.

I see what I do as something more than selling a product. I truly feel like I've helped people every single day I've been at Crutchfield. I am as enthusiastic as anyone about the equipment, but I understand that these things are merely tools to take us someplace else. This is all about enjoying music, the excitement of film at home, the preservation of life's memories, and so much more.

My wife and I live in the Shenandoah Valley and enjoy gardening, live local music and hopping on our bicycles. I am a lover and performer of music and have eclectic tastes from opera to the Ramones.

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Daryl A wrote on June 14
Guy comes right in and gives me a good recommendation and reasons. Exactly what great customer service is. Thanks Marshall

carlos wrote on March 8
great service, calm and helpful, always had all the info i needed.

Steve Gay wrote on August 29
I think it is very easy for many people to always say negative things but when it comes to Marshall there are none based on my experience. I had multiple phone calls over several months. And when I was frustrated, he had a cool head. Doing your own stereo system in a vehicle you are not familiar with can be daunting to say the least but he made sure I had everything I needed and reassured me when I thought I did not have what I needed. He was also prompt, conscientious, and focused. He was cheerful and an easy person to converse with. When you are delving into an area that is unfamiliar, Marshall is the kind of person it is great to have in the lead. Would not hesitate for a second to call him again!

autostereo wrote on March 17
Marshall was a pleasure to deal with, and he new exactly what my needs were.

Sean wrote on February 14
Let me start by saying thanks to Marshall! He was super helpful, friendly and knowledgable. Keep up the great hiring and give Marshall his kudos! I'm definitely a new crutchfield customer now! Thank you

James M Cotter wrote on July 19
Just want to thank you Marshall for your help in product selection and the installation. The install went smoothly and I am very happy with the sound. Crutchfield and you do a great job with support and products. I will not hesitate to recomend you to friends. Thanks again, Michael

Duane wrote on August 11
I called about a car stereo upgrade for a car I am going to buy. (just setting things up sort to speak) Marshall was so cool, knowledgeable and easy to talk to I really felt like a made a friend. He knew the products and gave me a lot of confidence about doing my stereo myself. Great guy great prices and support what a great team, he made a new customer hands down.


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