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My love for music and the arts began as a teenager with a Garrard turntable and Akai amplifier. After attending the University of Virginia, I began a career as a sound technician for an East Coast rock band, adapting P. A.'s for venues from living rooms to Pro Basketball arenas, as well as providing sound for many major national acts. Continuing to work sound for bands part-time, I spent 20 years in restaurant service and management before joining my friends here at Crutchfield.

My wife and I attend many live concerts and enjoy our local Blue Ridge Mountains and beaches on the East Coast and the Caribbean Islands.

Customer Comments

Add your comments wrote on February 19
Artie is awesome! Consider me an audiophile and a long-time customer of Crutchfield as well as several other home and car audio retailers over the years, including a number of small specialty shops. When I'm in the market for a new head unit, amp, or speakers, I've already done my research; I know what I'm going to buy (thanks to the internet) long before I contact Crutchfield. However, like many, I want to be sold! In order to exceed my expectations, a customer service / inside salesperson needs to be knowledgeable, friendly, sharp, and it doesn't hurt if they listen and adapt to my needs. Artie possesses these qualities and more. He did a great job today helping me place an order, and while I haven't received the shipment yet, I'm confident I'll be satisfied and continue purchasing fine products from Crutchfield, and Artie, for many more years to come!

Herb C. wrote on December 31
Excellent Customer Service!

Jerry wrote on March 2
I contacted Crutchfield about an order I was about to place just to shore up my thoughts on my speaker choices and not wanting to over buy or under buy speakers for the receiver I was buying as well. Artie was great and even gave me a couple tips that I had overlooked when running speaker wires. Thanks Artie you are one of the best!

Tom Grannis wrote on February 25
I ordered a Samsung Blu-Ray disc player with Artie's help about a week ago. It arrived within a few days, in perfect condition. The ordering process was so smooth and easy. Artie was personable and a total pleasure to have dealt with. I am very pleased with the product and the service I was given.

Chris wrote on April 19
Quick response, knew what he was doing and talking about. Advisors such as Artie make Crutchfield the best place to shop for audio equipment. His knowledge of the products undoubtedly is far superior to the representatives at local audio shops and even big retail chains. This is what I have grown to expect from Crutchfield, and I have not been disappointed yet, and likely never will be. Thank Crutchfield and Artie for making a rather rough experience an easy and simple simple "A caveman could do it".

Ben in Las Vegas wrote on January 22
Artie took the time to answer each and every one of my questions over our 45 minute phone conversation. His advice was reasonable and completely objective. His passion for audio is readily apparent. I can't stress the value Crutchfield provides often enough. Time and again they have displayed a level of customer service that is unrivaled. My first choice for electronics has and will continue to be, Crutchfield.

Bruce Graves wrote on October 27
Real friendly and helpful. I was interested in the Parrott CK3100 hands free device for my wife's car and he knew what I would need to make it work. Hats off to him!


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