I live in the country on two acres of land at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I enjoy my garden - heirloom tomatoes, Numex roasting peppers, supersweet corn, and about eighty basil plants to feed my pesto addiction. I also enjoy cigars and beer, not necessarily in that order but definitely together. I like books by Nelson Demille, Vince Flynn, and Robert Crais.

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Jeff wrote on January 19
Sam is one of the best customer service reps of any retail company that I have ever dealt with online or in person. 5 stars and A++ all around!!!

Darren wrote on July 17
Sam is one of the reasons Crutchfield has managed to evolve from a catalog company to a competitive internet company. This was not an easy transition for many companies, but with great products, pricing and service from people like Sam... Crutchfield will remain a leader in consumer electronics. I only shop at Crutchfield for car audio... Period. Thanks for your expert help Sam!!

S.Kemp wrote on February 4
If you want a "super customer oriented" representative to help you with your orders,Sam is your man. He is knowledgeable and willing to make your buying experience a positive one. I made a special request on shipping and handling and Sam coordinated with shipping to make it happen. Excellent assistance Sam! Thank you.

Rising Sun Express wrote on November 28
Have dealt with Sam for about 10 years. Always goes above and beyond to help. Every company needs a employee like him.

Chris wrote on June 30
I have been dealing with Sam for roughly 15 years. I like dealing with him. Generally I know what I want/need. And when I dont, I ask him. He has never sold me more than I needed. Unlike some of the local stores commisioned sales. In the near future I will contact him for advice on a digital camera.

Julie wrote on May 21
I called customer support 5/20/12 to get assistance regarding DVD/CD players. I was connected to Sam after little to no wait time. It's been 3 years since I owned a DVD player, a cheap one bought at a local "superstore" so I had a lot of questions about Bluray, will it play prerecorded music CD's, non-Bluray DVD's, music I've burned as MP3's onto disc etc. But most importantly what was the best option to work with the system I already have. Sam was very patient and answered all my questions without the technical jargon. He recommended the Sony DVD player I'd been looking at. I of course didn't order right away, I "price shopped" other sites but realized Crutchfield had the best price and placed my order. It was nice to see on the order that I could reference Sam as having helped me make my decision. It's wonderful to call a company and have someone answer that knows what they're talking about but can also explain the technical stuff without making me feel like an idiot. Thank you for your help Sam!

Donnie Legate wrote on January 28
I bought my son a Sony radio for his truck in December of 2010 and Sam was my advisor. I compared prices here locally at different places and no one could come near Crutchfield's prices. The price is very important to me but the support I got before and after the sale from Sam was more important. All of this and more is why I just made another purchase of a JVC radio and speakers for my truck and once again Sam was my advisor. Thanks Sam!!!

PatrickB wrote on December 4
I called on Crutchfield for the first time today for an assist and was privileged to reach Sam. He was most friendly, informative and a reason to keep faith when having a need to call on any Cust Svc rep. His follow through and answering questions before they were asked was awesome! He will be my go-to guy @ Crutchfield from here out. Thanks Sam! You and your company will hear from and have my business on future purchases.

Buddy Cope wrote on November 6
Sam was very courteous and provided helpful information about the GPS I purchased for my wife.

James R Eubanks wrote on February 17
I had already decided on the two tvs I was going to purchase on line. I got confused on what blu-ray disc player I needed. I called Crutchfield and was connected to Sam. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful and pointed me in the right direction. Thanks Sam! Jim

Fred L.Williams wrote on August 28
Sam even though we've only known each for a short time I'm hoping that you'll be that sales advisor I can depend on when I need you. But I think you're good at what you do.Looking forward to making some good deals.

ToddV wrote on March 28
I only deal with Crutchfield and recently bought a new FJ Cruiser. I loved my old Alpine 9833 with iPod and Sirius and wanted to transfer it to the new vehicle, but add Bluetooth also. Sam tried his best to find a way to make this work for me, and even put me directly in touch with Alpine. Now I am going to be installing a new Kenwood DNX8120. I am looking forward to the all in one system. Thanks to Sam and Crutchfield.

Dan wrote on October 29
I called Sam, and he knew absolutely everything I needed in order to outfit my specific car in the best way possible. Great customer service and extremely knowledgeable.


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