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Don't want to install your home A/V system yourself?

Hire a professional

Want the sleek good looks of a wall-mounted TV? How about the excitement of a full surround sound system? If you'd like a nice, professional-looking A/V setup, but don't have the time or experience to tackle the installation yourself, let INSTALLS inc do the work for you. This group of professional home A/V installers are licensed and insured, and have a strong record of customer satisfaction. Their services are available throughout the continental U.S.

What kinds of installations does INSTALLS inc offer?

Check out these charts for a comparison of the installations available. Click on the links at left for more in-depth info about a specific package, or call our A/V Design Group at 1.800.555.9407.

Flat-panel TV/Home Theater Installations

Audio/Video Installations (not including TV)

Video Projector Installations

TV Stand Assembly

What can I expect with an INSTALLS inc installation?

When you purchase one of our INSTALLS inc professional installation packages, you'll be contacted by a Crutchfield A/V Design Expert to ensure that you have everything needed for the installation. INSTALLS inc will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your installation appointment.