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Travelin' music!

Travelin' music!

by Charlie Pastorfield

Here are ten great road trip discs that might have escaped your notice - each one guaranteed to keep you and your passengers totally entertained, while showing off your system to the max.


"As a recording musician, I wanted to be able to evaluate my works-in-progress in the car, so I created a mobile listening lab."

-Mike S., A/V Editor

"I've immersed myself in TVs in recent years, but great sound was what first made me want to understand the gear."

-Steve, A/V Writer

"I've loved music and audio gear for as long as I can remember. At Crutchfield, I feel like a kid in a toy store."

-Dave, A/V Writer

"Adding new speakers and an amp created a whole new listening experience in my car."

-Jo, A/V Writer