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At Crutchfield's AudioControl store, you'll find sophisticated equalizers, crossovers, line drivers, and other high-quality audio processors that allow you to get top performance from your car's audio system. And, you can rely on Crutchfield to provide the unmatched service and support you deserve, including toll-free tech support that's open 7 days a week.

Top Sellers

Line Output Converters
AudioControl LC2i
2-channel line output converter for adding amps to your factory system
Equalizers & Processors
AudioControl DQDX
Digital signal processor (Blue)
Factory System Integration
AudioControl DQ-61
Factory sound processor with equalization and time delay (Black)
AudioControl 6XS
6-channel electronic crossover with line driver (Gray)
Amplifier & Processor Remotes
AudioControl ACR-1
Wired remote for select AudioControl processors
Line Drivers
AudioControl Matrix Plus
6-channel line driver (Gray)
Bass Restoration Processors
The Epicenter™ by AudioControl
Bass processor (White)
Line Output Converters
AudioControl LC6i
6-channel line output converter for adding outboard amps to your factory audio system (gray)
Line Output Converters
AudioControl LC7i
6-channel line output converter with bass restoration — add amps to your factory system (Gray)
Equalizers & Processors
AudioControl FOUR.1
In-dash equalizer with line driver
Equalizers & Processors
AudioControl EQS
Trunk-mount 6-channel equalizer and line driver (Gray)
AudioControl 2XS
2-way electronic crossover (Gray)

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