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Bazooka's space-efficient Bass Tubes have set the standard for hassle-free, hard-driving bass since 1984. You'll find both passive and amplified Bass Tubes in Crutchfield's Bazooka store along with a great lineup of versatile car and marine speakers, amps, and subs.

Top Sellers

Powered Subwoofers
Bazooka BTA850FH
50-watt powered 8" Bass Tubes enclosure® with included factory radio connection kit
Bazooka BT6014
BT Series 6-1/2" 4-ohm Bass Tubes® enclosure
Marine Tower Systems
Bazooka MT8100 Tubbies (Pair)
8" wakeboard tower speakers (White)
$399.99 After $100.00 Price Break
Marine Subwoofers
Bazooka MBTA10100
Marine BT Series 10" Bass Tube® with 100-watt amp
$279.99 After $70.00 Price Break
Marine Amplifiers
Bazooka MA475D
4-channel marine amplifier — 80 watts RMS x 4
$229.99 After $70.00 Price Break
Marine Speakers
Bazooka MAC6910
6"x9" 3-way marine speakers (Black)
$119.99 After $30.00 Price Break
Mounting Hardware
Bazooka Tubbie MT-CL2
Mounting clamps designed to fit 1-1/2"-2" towers or roll bars (Stainless Steel)
$89.99 After $10.00 Price Break
Powered Sub Wiring Harnesses
Bazooka F.A.S.T.-BTAH
F.A.S.T. connection harness extension cable
Amplifier & Processor Remotes
Bazooka RBCM-100
Remote control module for EL and BT Series 100-watt amplified Bass Tubes®
Marine Covers & Mounts
Bazooka MT-CVR8TB Tubbie Covers
Neoprene covers for 8" Bazooka Tubbie speakers
$49.99 After $10.00 Price Break
All-Terrain Vehicle
Bazooka MT6100BTA
6-1/2" Bluetooth® speakers — designed for the Power Rail system
Powered Subwoofers
Bazooka BTA6100
BT Series 100-watt powered 6-1/2" Bass Tube®
$179.99 After $20.00 Price Break

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