About Cambridge Audio

Based in the UK, Cambridge Audio has been wowing music listeners with their high-fidelity audio components for over 40 years. We're proud to offer their amplifiers, speakers, and other audio components — not just because they sound excellent, but also because they represent an astonishingly good value for folks who are shopping for hi-fi performance on a budget.

Top Sellers

Home Theater Receivers
Cambridge Audio Azur 751R
7.2-channel home theater receiver with asynchronous USB input
Bookshelf Speakers
Cambridge Audio Aero 2
Bookshelf speakers (Dark Walnut)
All DACs
Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100
Stereo digital-to-analog converter with asynchronous USB input (Black)
$299.99 After $70.00 Price Break
CD Players
Cambridge Audio Azur 851C
Single-disc CD player/DAC/digital preamp (Silver)
Surround Sound Speaker Systems
Cambridge Audio Minx S315-V2
5.1-channel speaker system (Black)
Power Amplifiers
Cambridge Audio Azur 851W
2-channel power amplifier (Black)
Stereo Preamplifiers
Cambridge Audio Azur 851E
Stereo preamplifier (Black)
Network Music Players
Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 V2
High-performance network music player/DAC (Black)
Integrated Amplifiers
Cambridge Audio Azur 851A
Integrated Amp with Class XD™ dual mono block amplifiers (Black)
Powered Subwoofers
Cambridge Audio Minx X200
Ultra-compact powered subwoofer (Black)
Phono Preamps
Cambridge Audio Azur 551P
Phono preamplifier for moving magnet cartridges (Black)
All Wireless Speakers
Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200
Portable powered speaker with Apple® AirPlay® and Bluetooth® (White)
$499.99 After $100.00 Price Break

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