About Cambridge Audio

Based in the UK, Cambridge Audio has been wowing music listeners with their high-fidelity audio components for over 40 years. We're proud to offer their amplifiers, speakers, and other audio components — not just because they sound excellent, but also because they represent an astonishingly good value for folks who are shopping for hi-fi performance on a budget.

Top Sellers

Home Theater Receivers
Cambridge Audio Azur 751R
7.2-channel home theater receiver with asynchronous USB input
Bookshelf Speakers
Cambridge Audio Minx Min 21
Ultra-compact satellite speaker (Black)
All DACs
Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100
Stereo digital-to-analog converter with asynchronous USB input (Black)
$299.99 After $70.00 Price Break
Surround Sound Speaker Systems
Cambridge Audio Minx S325-V2
5.1-channel speaker system (White)
CD Players
Cambridge Audio Azur 851C
Single-disc CD player/DAC/digital preamp (Silver)
Network Music Players
Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 V2
High-performance network music player/DAC (Black)
Integrated Amplifiers
Cambridge Audio Azur 851A
Integrated Amp with Class XD™ dual mono block amplifiers (Black)
Phono Preamps
Cambridge Audio Azur 551P
Phono preamplifier for moving magnet cartridges (Black)
All Wireless Speakers
Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200
Portable powered speaker with Apple® AirPlay® and Bluetooth® (White)
$499.99 After $100.00 Price Break
Powered Subwoofers
Cambridge Audio Minx X200
Ultra-compact powered subwoofer (Black)
Stereo Receivers
Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10
Stereo receiver
Floor-standing Speakers
Cambridge Audio Aero 6
Floor-standing speaker (Black)

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