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Since 1968, Infinity has enriched recorded music and video with the realism and excitement of the concert hall and cinema by bringing innovation to the art and science of loudspeaker design. Expect outstanding sound reproduction from our selection of Infinity home and car speakers and speaker systems. Or, choose from a great lineup of mobile speakers, components, and subwoofers. You can hear them perform where it matters most — in your own home or car. Crutchfield makes it easy with our money-back guarantee.

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6-3/4" Speakers
Infinity Kappa 62.11i
6-3/4" 2-way car speakers — also fit 6-1/2" openings
Powered Subwoofers
Infinity Primus PS312
Powered subwoofer
$399.99 After $100.00 Price Break
5"x7"/6"x8" Speakers
Infinity Kappa 682.11cf
5"x7"/6"x8" 2-way car speakers
Component Systems
Infinity Reference X REF-6500cx
6-3/4" component speaker system — also fit 6-1/2" openings
Powered Subwoofers
Infinity BassLink
Powered subwoofer: 200 watts and a 10" sub
$199.99 After $100.00 Price Break
In-ceiling Speakers
Infinity ERS 610
In-ceiling speaker
$199.99 After $240.00 Special Purchase
5-1/4" Speakers
Infinity Kappa 52.11i
5-1/4" 2-way car speakers
Floor-standing Speakers
Infinity Primus P363
Floor-standing speaker
$199.99 After $130.00 Price Break
Bookshelf Speakers
Infinity Primus P163
Bookshelf speaker
$85.99 After $54.00 Price Break
Center Channel Speakers
Infinity Primus PC351
Center channel speaker
$199.99 After $80.00 Price Break
6"x9" Speakers
Infinity Kappa 693.11i
6"x9" 3-way car speaker
4"x6" Speakers
Infinity Kappa 462.11cfp
4"x6" 2-way plate speakers

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