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For over 60 years, König & Meyer has produced high-quality stands for instruments, speakers, and microphones in its factory in Wertheim, Germany. K&M stands are known for their innovative design and exceptional durability.

Top Sellers

Microphone Stands
K&M Microphone Stand
Compact tripod stand with telescoping boom (Model 210/9)
PA Speaker Stands
K&M Speaker Stand Package
Two tripod speaker stands with carrying bag (Model 21459)
Studio Monitor Stands
K&M 26720 Adjustable Speaker Stand
Steel stand for studio monitor
Microphone Accessories
K&M iPad® 2 Holder
Attaches to any standard mic stand
Microphone Stands
K&M Extra Short Mic Stand
Steel tripod stand with 20.6" boom (Model 259/1)
Microphone Stands
K&M 210/2
Sturdy tripod microphone stand with fixed boom
Microphone Stands
K&M Tripod Boom Stand
Mic stand with adjustable boom (Model 21075)
PA Speaker Stands
K&M Single Speaker Stand
Black, adjustable tripod speaker stand (Model 21435)
Microphone Stands
K&M Microphone Stand
Black collapsible long-legged mic stand (Model 20170)
Microphone Stands
K&M Tabletop Microphone Stand
Black plastic collapsible stand (Model 23105)
Microphone Stands
K&M 23510 Adjustable Microphone Bar
Position two microphones on one stand
Microphone Accessories
K&M Breath Popkiller
Double-nylon screen with clamp

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