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SD Memory Cards
Maxell SDHC Memory Card
Speed class 4, 4GB (Single card)
USB Flash Memory Drives
Maxell OTG Dual USB
USB flash memory drive with standard and micro connections (16GB)
VHS Tape
Maxell Standard-Grade VHS Tape
Blank tapes for VHS VCRs (Single T-160 tape)
Maxell QubeHub
Turns one USB port into four (White)
$5.99 After $7.00 Price Break
Disposable Batteries
$4.99 After $1.00 Price Break
Recordable CDs
Maxell CD-R 80
Blank CD-R Audio Recordable Discs (50-disc spindle pack)
CompactFlash Cards
Maxell CompactFlash® Card
$49.99 After $90.00 Price Break
Recordable DVDs
Maxell Recordable DVD+R Disc
4.7GB single-sided DVD+R, 16X compatible (50-disc spindle)
FM & Cassette Adapters
Maxell CD-330
Car cassette adapter
CD & DVD Care
Maxell BR-LC
Lens cleaner for Blu-ray players and PlayStation® 3 game console
Memory Card Readers & Adapters
Maxell USB Hub/Multi Card Reader
$9.95 After $5.00 Price Break
Screen Cleaning
Maxell VP-100
Dry-type head cleaner for VHS VCRs

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