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USB Flash Memory Drives
Maxell USB Flix
64GB flash drive
SD Memory Cards
Maxell SDHC Memory Card
Speed class 4, 4GB (Single card)
$5.99 After $2.00 Price Break
All Wireless Speakers
Maxell RENGA™
Portable Bluetooth® powered speaker with aptX® audio streaming
$49.99 After $50.00 Sale
Recordable CDs
Maxell CD-R 80
Blank CD-R Audio Recordable Discs (50-disc spindle pack)
$17.99 After $2.00 Price Break
Maxell QubeHub
Turns one USB port into four (White)
Disposable Batteries
$14.99 After $5.00 Price Break
VHS Tape
Maxell Standard-Grade VHS Tape
Blank tapes for VHS VCRs (Single T-160 tape)
Recordable DVDs
Maxell Recordable DVD-R Disc
4.7GB single-sided DVD-R, 16X-compatible (50-disc spindle)
Memory Card Readers & Adapters
Maxell USB Hub/Multi Card Reader
$9.95 After $5.00 Price Break
CompactFlash Cards
Maxell CompactFlash® Card
$89.99 After $50.00 Price Break
CD & DVD Care
Maxell BR-LC
Lens cleaner for Blu-ray players and PlayStation® 3 game console
$14.99 After $10.00 Price Break
FM & Cassette Adapters
Maxell CD-330
Car cassette adapter
$12.99 After $1.00 Price Break

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