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Monitor Audio is a British hi-fi loudspeaker company that's been around since 1972. Their speaker designs team high-tech driver materials together with good old-fashioned engineering, along with plenty of careful listening and fine tuning. Shop our full collection to find out what makes Monitor Audio unique.

Top Sellers

In-ceiling Speakers
Monitor Audio CP-CT260
Controlled Performance Series 2-way in-ceiling speaker with built-in back-box
Bookshelf Speakers
Monitor Audio Gold GX100
Bookshelf speakers (Piano Black Lacquer)
Floor-standing Speakers
Monitor Audio Silver 6
Floor-standing speaker (Black Oak)
In-wall Speakers
Monitor Audio IWS-10
Passive in-wall subwoofer
Powered Subwoofers
Monitor Audio Silver W12
Powered subwoofer with auto room correction (Walnut)
Power Amplifiers
Monitor Audio IWA-250
Power amplifier for Monitor Audio IWS-10 in-wall subwoofer
Center Channel Speakers
Monitor Audio Silver Center
Center channel speaker (Walnut)
Surround (Rear) Speakers
Monitor Audio Silver FX
Dipole/bipole surround speakers (Walnut)
Integrated Amplifiers
Monitor Audio Airstream A100
Stereo integrated amplifier with Wi-Fi® and Apple AirPlay®
In-wall/in-ceiling Brackets
Monitor Audio IWB-10
In-wall enclosure for Monitor Audio IWS-10 subwoofer
Speaker Wall Mounts
Monitor Audio ASB-2 Bracket
Wal-mount bracket for ASB-2 sound bar
Sound Bar Speakers
Monitor Audio ASB-2
Powered home theater sound bar with Wi-Fi® and Apple AirPlay®

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