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Monitor Audio is a British hi-fi loudspeaker company that's been around since 1972. Their speaker designs team high-tech driver materials together with good old-fashioned engineering, along with plenty of careful listening and fine tuning. Shop our full collection to find out what makes Monitor Audio unique.

Top Sellers

Bookshelf Speakers
Monitor Audio Gold GX50
Bookshelf speakers (Dark Walnut)
Floor-standing Speakers
Monitor Audio Silver 8
Floor-standing speaker (Black Oak)
In-ceiling Speakers
Monitor Audio CP-CT380IDC
Controlled Performance Series 3-way in-ceiling speaker with built-in back-box
In-wall Speakers
Monitor Audio WT280-IDC
"Trimless 200" Series 3-way in-wall speaker with 8" woofer
Powered Subwoofers
Monitor Audio Radius 390
Compact powered subwoofer (High-gloss Black)
Sound Bar Speakers
Monitor Audio ASB-2
Powered home theater sound bar with Wi-Fi® and Apple AirPlay®
Center Channel Speakers
Monitor Audio Silver Center
Center channel speaker (Black Oak)
Power Amplifiers
Monitor Audio IWA-250
Power amplifier for Monitor Audio IWS-10 in-wall subwoofer
Surround (Rear) Speakers
Monitor Audio Silver FX
Dipole/bipole surround speakers (Black Oak)
Speaker Stands
Monitor Audio GX Stands
Stands for Monitor Audio Gold GX100 and GX50 bookshelf speakers
In-wall/in-ceiling Brackets
Monitor Audio IWB-10
In-wall enclosure for Monitor Audio IWS-10 subwoofer
Speaker Wall Mounts
Monitor Audio ASB-2 Bracket
Wal-mount bracket for ASB-2 sound bar

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