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Enjoy the sound of music throughout your house with innovative solutions for A/V distribution from Niles Audio. Explore Crutchfield's Niles store for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that blend seamlessly into your home décor, as well as speaker selectors, volume controls, and more. For expert help planning your whole-house A/V system, just call us toll-free at 1-888-955-6000.

Top Sellers

Outdoor Speakers
Niles RS6 Pro
Outdoor rock speaker (Shale Brown)
$169.99 After $100.00 Sale
Speaker Selectors & Distributors
Niles SSVC-4
4-pair speaker selector with volume control
Power Amplifiers
Niles SI-2150
Stereo power amplifier
In-wall Volume Controls
Niles VCS100K
Stereo volume control with impedance magnification
In-ceiling Speakers
Niles DS7MP
In-ceiling home theater speaker
$124.99 After $75.00 Sale
Cable Adapters
In-wall CAT-5 HDMI receiver balun
Niles Multi-room Music Systems
Niles MRC-6430
6-source, 6-room audio controller/amplifier with Auriel™ intelligent control software
Infrared Repeater Systems
Niles RCA-SM2
Infrared repeater system
A/V Source Switchers
Niles ABS-1 FG00271
Sound-Triggered Speaker-Level A-B Switch
Powered Subwoofers
Niles SW8
Compact powered subwoofer, wireless-capable with optional adapters
$449.99 After $150.00 Sale
Infrared Repeater Hubs
Niles MSU140
Infrared repeater system hub
Infrared Sensors
Niles MS220
Surface-mount infrared sensor (Black)

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