About PSB

Over 35 years ago, a young Paul Barton began building speakers in the same workshop where his father handcrafted his childhood violin. His passion for music, experience in cabinet design, and quest to produce a better-sounding loudspeaker ultimately led to the founding of PSB speakers in 1972. Now, as the Chief Designer at PSB, Paul leads his team of talented engineers in creating world-class speakers with real-world value.

PSB's one overriding goal is to design and produce speakers that are true to nature. They have a close relationship with the National Research Council in Canada, and use the facility to extensively evaluate each of their loudspeakers in an anechoic chamber. They compare their results with real room measurements and double-blind listener preferences to ensure that each speaker sounds as true to the source as possible. This dedication to performance and hard work over the years has made PSB an award-winning speaker company, producing high-value speakers that you can count on to faithfully reproduce your music.

Top Sellers

Floor-standing Speakers
PSB Imagine T3
Floor-standing speaker (High-gloss Cherry)
All Headphones
Noise-canceling headphones with in-line microphone and remote (Black)
Bookshelf Speakers
PSB Imagine XB
Bookshelf speakers
Powered Subwoofers
PSB SubSeries 200
Powered subwoofer
Center Channel Speakers
PSB Imagine XC
Center channel speaker
In-wall Speakers
Bipole/dipole in-wall surround speaker
$199.99 After $300.00 Special Purchase
In-ceiling Speakers
In-ceiling speaker (square)
$299.99 After $300.00 Special Purchase
Computer Speakers
PSB Alpha PS1/SubSeries 100
Compact powered speakers and subwoofer
Surround (Rear) Speakers
PSB Image S5
Bipole surround speaker (Black Ash)
$399.99 After $500.00 Special Purchase
Sound Bar Speakers
PSB Imagine W3
3-channel home theater sound bar
Outdoor Speakers
PSB CS1000
Outdoor speakers (Black)
In-wall/in-ceiling Brackets
Adjustable wall-mount brackets for Imagine Mini speakers

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