About Shure

If you've been to see live music anytime in the last few decades, you've probably heard Shure gear in action. Since the 1930s, Shure has produced some of the world's most popular microphones, acclaimed for their natural sound and durability. Shure also offers high-performance, sound-isolating earphones. Whether it's microphones, headphones or wireless systems, Shure makes products that help professionals define their sound.

Top Sellers

Wireless Systems
Shure BLX288/PG58
Dual handheld wireless microphone system (518-542MHz, Band H8)
All Headphones
Shure SE846
Sound Isolating™ earphones
Condenser Microphones
Shure Centraverse™ CVO
Cardioid overhead condenser microphone with attached 25' cable (Black)
Dynamic Microphones
Shure SM58
Dynamic vocal microphone
Microphone Accessories
Shure X2u
XLR-to-USB signal adapter with headphone output
Commercial Audio Accessories
Shure 515SDX
Paging microphone with locking on-off switch
All Microphones
Shure PGA48
Dynamic vocal microphone
USB Microphones
Shure PG27USB
Condenser multi-purpose USB microphone
Wireless Systems
Shure BLX14/CVL
Wireless lavalier microphone system (614-638 MHz, Band K12)
Wireless Systems
Shure GLXD24/SM58
Digital handheld wireless microphone system with SM58 capsule
Wireless Systems
Shure BLX24/SM58
Handheld wireless microphone system (614-638MHz, Band K12)
All Headphones
Shure SRH940
Professional reference headphones

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