About Yamaha Pro

Nightclubs, recording studios, and houses of worship — Yamaha's pro audio gear consistently delivers great sound in all of these venues. The keys to Yamaha's success are sonic quality, reliability, and durability. Their gear undergoes rigorous testing, both in development and quality control, to make sure every knob and control works as anticipated at every performance, recording, and show.

Top Sellers

All-in-one PA Systems
Yamaha STAGEPAS 600i
Portable 10-channel PA system
Analog Mixers
Yamaha MG12XU
12-channel mixer — with compression, effects, USB connection, and DAW software
Powered PA Speakers
Yamaha DXR8
8" 2-way powered PA speaker
PA Subwoofers
Yamaha DXS15
15" powered subwoofer
Stage Monitors
Yamaha SM15V
Club Series floor monitor with 15" speaker
Powered Studio Monitors
Yamaha HS8
2-way powered studio monitor with 8" woofer and 1" tweeter (White)
Non-powered PA Speakers
Yamaha S115V
Club Series PA speaker with 15" woofer
Pro Audio Amplifiers
Yamaha P2500S
P-Series power amplifier — 250 watts RMS x 2 at 8 ohms (310W x 2 at 4 ohms)
Powered Mixers
Yamaha EMX212S
12-channel, 220-watt x 2 powered mixer
Studio Subwoofers
Yamaha HS8S
8" powered studio subwoofer
Speaker Protection
Yamaha DXR12 Cover
Protective cover for a DXR12 powered speaker
Analog Mixers
Yamaha MG20XU
20-channel mixer — with compression, effects, USB connection, and DAW software

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