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Game on. Gear up.

Experience stadium sights and sounds with a little help from us

Crutchfield writer Robert and his sons cheer for their team

See it as if you were there

Sports fans know that a few inches can be the difference between winning and losing. With today's TVs, you can see those moments in crystal-clear detail. It'll feel like you — and everyone else in your living room — are on the sidelines for every kick, photo finish, and game-saving tackle.

3 questions to consider before you shop:

We're here to help. Learn more from our TV buying guide, or contact an advisor for personalized advice.

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Hear it as if you were there

To get the full event experience, you need to hear the announcers, the calls from the refs, the roar of the fans, and even the sounds of the players as they break through to greatness. Today's HDTVs feature an incredible picture but leave us flat when it comes to sound. Below, you'll find a couple ways to upgrade your audio experience.

2 options for adding great sound:
  • To keep it simple, choose a sound bar. They're easy to set up and deliver an upgrade from your TV's built-in speakers.
  • Go all the way with a surround sound system. These home theater setups offer the best possible sound.

No matter which you choose, you'll hear the difference. There will be a lot less "what'd that ref say?" in your house and a whole lot more cheering.

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Enjoy theater-like entertainment in your home

A traditional component home theater system, also known as a surround sound system, consists of a TV, video sources, a home theater receiver, and speakers. For the best home theater experience, this is what we recommend.

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Home theater starts with your TV. A big, clear picture is must-have, and bigger is usually better. Choose 4K or OLED for the latest TV picture technology, and pay attention to smart TV features if you're interested in streaming content. If you've got a dedicated home theater room and you really want to go big, consider a projector that can produce theater-like images on screens measuring as big as 100" or more.

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Video sources

Blu-ray players, 4K media players, and smart set-top boxes — these are all examples of video sources that will provide the audio/video content you'll play on your home theater system. These devices provide a wide variety of entertainment options — many connect to the Internet so you'll be able to stream content like Netflix®.

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A receiver is the center of your home theater system. In addition to providing surround sound processing and the power to drive your speakers, today's home theater receivers act as a connection hub for all of your of audio/video sources and your TV. Many of our current receiver models let you control your system wirelessly using a mobile app and some let you stream music from the Internet.

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Speakers connect to your receiver to produce the sound you'll hear. A traditional surround sound system consists of at least five speakers plus a powered subwoofer. You have plenty of options when it comes to speakers, from floor-standing towers to in-ceiling models to complete surround sound speaker packages.

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Pre-packaged home theater systems

We carry systems that are already matched together and ready for you to purchase — some combine a receiver and speakers, while others contain speakers and you'll select a separate receiver.

Powered home theater systems

Also called "home theater in a box," these systems include a matched receiver and speakers and sometimes also a built-in Blu-ray disc player. All you have to add is a TV or projector.

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Surround sound speaker systems

You can build your own speaker system, or choose a pre-matched system. These convenient systems are powered by your receiver and deliver immersive sound. They take the guesswork out of knowing which speakers will sound good together.

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How will you decide?

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