Pioneer Stage 4 System Diagram

Stage 4 Systems

These systems represent the apex of Pioneer's ground-breaking audio engineering and performance designs. The handsome technological marvels in this collection will transform your car's listening space into one that can compete with the best in home high-fidelity stereo.

The DEX-P99RS receiver is an audiophile platform for enthusiasts with exacting standards about how their music gets played. It features automatic equalization and tuning, and adjustable 4-way crossovers for precise control over the highs, mids, mid-lows, and subs. The DEX-P99RS boasts an advanced digital front end and four high-performance, 24-bit AKM digital-to-analog converters that provide an incredibly clean, noise-free signal.

Stage 4 component speakers play exceptionally smooth treble and midrange, harmonizing perfectly with the detailed, deep bass the woofers deliver. The separate 2-5/8" midrange speakers mount on your dash or pillar and bring breathtaking accuracy and presence to vocals and other instruments.

Stage 4 amps feature a vibration-resistant chassis and a pure audio signal path that delivers dynamic, pristine power to your speakers and subs.

Stage 4 subs utilize a patented suspension system for deep bass accuracy and a long life. The stiff cones hit hard, giving your music the robust foundation and muscle it needs. Call 1.888.955.6000 to talk to an advisor at Crutchfield for help designing a Pioneer Stage 4 System for your car.

Pioneer's ultimate Stage 4 system is displayed in the diagram to the right. Use one PRS-A900 amp to power the Stage 4 tweeters and midrange speakers, and bridge a second one to take care of the component woofers. The PRS-D1200SPL amp feeds the pair of Stage 4 subs.

Pioneer Stage 4 System Diagram