Meet the Future of TV

Samsung Smart TV offers the latest digital content with unique and intuitive controls. Easily access apps and streaming services, or browse the Internet on the biggest screen in your house. Technologies such as face recognition and voice and gesture controls give you new ways to interact with and control your TV, while the Smart Touch Remote Control adds touchpad convenience. And with the Smart View Mobile App, you can use your Wi-Fi® network to play content from the TV on your smartphone or tablet.

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Smart Touch Remote

Smart Touch Remote Control

Easily navigate a world of music, movies, and TV shows with the new Smart Touch Remote Control. Its touchpad lets you control multiple streaming services and audio/video devices, while a built-in microphone lets you give your Smart TV voice commands.

Elegant Design

Samsung’s "barely there” bezel measures under ¼", making it even easier for you to get lost in the crystal-clear picture. The gentle curve of the bezel adds a modern, sophisticated look.

Barely there bezel

Add a Samsung Blu-ray player

To make any TV a Smart TV

Most Samsung Blu-ray players and home theater systems have on-board web browsers, letting you search the entire Internet. Apps and streaming services like Netflix®, YouTube®, and Pandora® Internet Radio provide a wide range of entertainment options. And built-in Wi-Fi and AllShare lets you easily enjoy music and video from your PC, smartphone or tablet.

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Samsung SMART Bluray™ player
Blu-ray player

Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

A Classic Sound

Smooth, clear harmonies wash over you, carrying tones so rich and warm, it sounds like the band is playing live just feet away. Tube technology gives your music a more natural, full-bodied sound. Now Samsung is using this classic technology to upgrade the sound of modern audio components.

Vacuum Tube Amplifier

Enjoy Clarity and Warmth

Vacuum tube + digital amplifiers

Samsung lets you enjoy the clarity of modern, high-efficiency digital amplifiers with the engaging warmth of vacuum tubes. You'll enjoy more dynamic music, with little distortion. Whether you're listening to your favorite MP3s on a compact powered speaker system, or settling in for movie night with your home theater system, you can enjoy full-bodied, detailed sound.

Classic sound, modern features

Samsung Audio Dock
  • Samsung DA-E750
  • Powered speaker system with iPhone®/Android™ dock, Bluetooth® and AirPlay® wireless streaming
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Samsung Audio Dock
  • Samsung HT-E6500W
  • 3D-ready Blu-ray 5.1 home theater system with Wi-Fi®, and wireless rear speakers
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Share and Save Your Photos

Built-in Wi-Fi®

Easily share photos, right from your camera. Samsung’s built-in Wi-Fi lets you send photos to social networking sites or email them to family and friends. And you can wirelessly transfer and store your photos on your PC or Microsoft SkyDrive®.

Close-up and Clear

High-performance image sensor

Capture clear, rich and vibrant images, even in low-light. Samsung cameras boast 14-megapixel to 16-megapixel image sensors that can keep up with the action.

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Relive Your Favorite Moments

HD Video

From your daughter's first wobbly steps in the family room, to her first steps on the dance floor at her wedding – capture life's special moments in crystal-clear HD. Instantly share milestones with family and friends – you can upload your videos to YouTube® right from the camera. And with AllShare, you can easily watch home movies on your TV.

Versatile shooting
Samsung's "switch-grip" feature lets you switch hands without missing a beat. You can also shoot vertically, which is especially handy when you'd like to simultaneously take pictures that better fit a portrait frame.

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Samsung AllShare

Connect & share content between your devices with AllShare Play

Download Samsung's AllShare Play App to share select videos, music, and photos across your connected Smartphone, Galaxy Tab, PC, and Smart TV. The App works over your Wi-Fi® network, and lets you stream select content to your connected mobile device when you're on the go.

The SwipeIt App allows you to display photos and videos from your smartphone on your Samsung TV.
The Remote Viewfinder app allows you to control your Samsung camera from your smartphone wirelessly.
The Remote App allows you to use a tablet or smartphone to control your Samsung TV.