Popular Questions and Helpful Ideas
How do I watch Netflix instantly on my TV?

Some Internet-ready TVs, Blu-ray players, and home theater systems give you access to your Netflix® Instant Queue, as well as other popular online movie services. You choose a movie or TV show that you want to watch and it’s ready to go — instantly and without searching for a disc. Movie night with the family has never been so easy. Look for products with a Netflix logo. Find out more in our video about Internet-ready TVs.

What do I need to watch 3D TV?

First, you’ll need a TV screen designed for 3D. You can choose from plasma, LCD, and LED-LCD models. You’ll also get matching 3D glasses for each viewer. To anyone not wearing the right glasses, a 3D TV picture will look blurry and distorted.

Also, while a lot of 3D TVs can turn 2D images into 3D, we recommend using a true 3D video source — like a 3D-capable Blu-ray player playing a 3D movie, or 3D programming from your cable or satellite provider. You should also pick up enough HDMI cables to connect all your 3D gear. Most recent HDMI cables should be up to the job, especially if they're 2 meters or less in length.

Check out 3D TV FAQ or watch our intro to 3D for more info.

Make the most of your HDTV with a Blu-ray player

If you own an HDTV — especially a 1080p model — you should consider a Blu-ray player. They offer a picture better than any other available source, even the best high-definition TV broadcasts. Movies look crisp and clean, with deeper, richer colors than what you've seen with DVD. And many players feature advanced new surround decoding to give movie soundtracks improved levels of clarity and dimensionality. Some newer models also include extra features such as Netflix video streaming and access to interactive "BD-Live" bonus material. Learn more about Blu-ray technology.

What is 4K Ultra High Definition TV?Ultra High Definition TVs, often referred to as "4K" TVs, can display four times the detail of typical HDTVs. How noticeable is the improvement? Is there any 4K content available? We'll tackle these questions and more.

LED-LCD vs. PlasmaFlat-panel TVs use either plasma or LED-backlit LCD screen technology. Learn about the pros and cons of both types so you can decide which one's best for you.