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  • Live Sound Mixers

    Your mixer is the control center of your PA system. Here you'll find a nice selection of powered mixers, analog mixers, and digital mixers.

  • Studio Mixers

    These mixers combine all your sound sources and offer extensive processing and mixing capabilities for fine-tuning recordings.

  • Microphones

    We offer a wide selection of dynamic, condenser, and USB mics, as well as wireless systems and mic bundles.

  • PA Speakers

    Here you'll find powered speakers, passive speakers, monitors, and subwoofers — the building blocks for a great PA system.

  • Live Sound Monitors

    Here you'll find powered and unpowered monitors — they determine what you hear onstage.

  • Pro Audio Amplifiers

    Power is the key to great sound, so make sure you pick an amp with plenty of wattage. You won't regret it.

  • Signal Processors

    Shop for compressors, EQs, crossovers, and other processors that help you fine-tune audio signals for professional results.

  • Live Sound Bundles

  • Computer Recording

    Shop for audio interfaces that can turn your computer into a digital studio recorder.

  • Studio Monitors

    These speakers are designed for flat, accurate response so you can hear exactly what's going on in your mix.

  • Pro Audio Headphones

    These headphones are designed to give you accurate sound and hold up to the rigors of life in the recording studio.

  • Recorders and Players

    Shop here for compact handheld digital recorders and studio-grade CD players.

  • Home Recording Bundles

    Get your home recording project up and running quickly with these convenient bundles.

  • Power Conditioners

    Protect your PA or recording gear from harmful power anomalies, and reduce electrical noise that can undermine sound quality.

  • Cables & Snakes

    You'll need microphone and speaker cables to connect your PA system. A snake sends multiple signals to a remote mixer.

  • Stands

    Elevate! Shop here for speaker stands, mic stands, and monitor stands.

  • Cases, Racks & Bags

    Protect your speakers, mixers, rack-mountable effects, and more.

  • Live Sound

    Here you'll find all products related to live sound, including speakers, microphones, mixers, amplifiers, stands, and much more.

  • Home Recording

    Shop for all products related to home recording, including computer audio interfaces, studio monitors, mics, portable recorders, and more.

  • Commercial Speakers

    Rugged speakers built to work with high-powered pro audio amplifiers, perfect for installing in restaurants, bars, and clubs.

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