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Which iPod® is right for me?

If you’re wondering which iPod model to choose – the iPod touch®, iPod classic®, iPod nano®, or the iPod shuffle® – first check out our handy iPod comparison chart. Next, consider these general guidelines: If you want to carry as much music and video as possible, an iPod classic will best suit your needs. If you plan on watching a lot of video and on surfing the Internet, check out the iPod touch. If you want a small, rugged, and budget-friendly iPod, then the iPod shuffle is the way to go. The iPod nano is a great all-around choice that balances good capacity with a compact size, a number of colors to choose from, and a reasonable price tag. For more info, check out our article on How to Choose an iPod.

What should I look for in a GPS navigation unit?

When shopping for a GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation device, first consider the type of unit you want: car GPS, portable (also called plug-and-play) GPS, marine GPS, or handheld GPS? Portable, plug-and-play GPS models are versatile devices that can be moved quickly from car to car, and often used on the go. For in-car navigation, look for features like text-to-speech (voice prompts), live traffic service, and the ability to program multiple destinations into a single itinerary. Many GPS models also now incorporate capabilities such as MP3 playback, photo viewing, Bluetooth® wireless technology for hands-free calling, and even video playback. Check out our Introduction to GPS Navigation for more information on how to choose a GPS system.

What are noise-canceling headphones?

Active noise-canceling headphones, such as the popular Bose® QuietComfort® series, use tiny microphones to pick up ambient noise and then play an out-of-phase signal to effectively cancel out the noise. Bose Corporation first introduced Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphone technology as a way to counteract the loud engine noise on airline flights – but now many people also use noise-canceling headphones for listening to music and movies. Noise-canceling models are available from a variety of manufacturers, including Bose, Sennheiser, AKG, and Monster. Read our article about choosing headphones for more information on the different types of headphones.

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Wireless multi-room audio systemsWe provide overviews of wireless multi-room systems from Bluesound, Bose®, Korus, Samsung, and Sonos, making it easier for you to compare features.