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  • Bose® Solo/CineMate® system universal remote

    In Stock

    5 people say 

    • for use with Bose® Solo TV sound system or CineMate® home theater speaker systems
    • controls your TV and connected components such as a satellite/cable box, DVD player, and VCR
    • batteries included

    Free Shipping


  • Harmony® PlayStation® 3 Adapter

    Adds PS3 game console control to a Harmony remote

    In Stock

    9 people say 

    • expands remote's operation to include PlayStation® 3 commands
    • communicates with your PS3 wirelessly via Bluetooth® link
    • includes AC power adapter

    Free Shipping


  • Universal® MasterControl™ RF-20

    Multibrand remote with learning capability

    In Stock

    16 people say 

    • multibrand learning remote
    • RF capability with optional base station
    • 432 macros

    Free Shipping


  • Logitech® Harmony® Smart Control

    Turn your smartphone into a powerful Wi-Fi® Harmony remote

    In Stock

    38 people say 

    • free Harmony remote app for Apple® and Android™ smartphones
    • Harmony hub converts smartphone Wi-Fi® commands to IR and Bluetooth® for system control
    • simple backup remote

    Free Shipping


  • Universal URC-R40

    Multibrand remote with learning capability

    Low Stock

    1 person says 

    • controls up to 18 devices
    • on-screen setup wizard
    • access up to 48 favorite TV channels

    Free Shipping


  • Logitech® Harmony® Ultimate One

    Universal remote with customizable swipe and tap touchscreen

    In Stock

    3 people say 

    • swipe and tap color touchscreen
    • one-touch activity icons such as "Watch TV," "Listen to Music," and much more
    • up to 50 one-touch favorite channel icons

    Free Shipping

    $199.99 After $50.00 Sale(Ends Tomorrow)

  • Universal MX-450 Remote Control

    Multibrand remote with one-touch operation

    In Stock

    6 people say 

    • color display with activity buttons
    • RF capability with optional base station
    • program macros directly from remote

    Free Shipping


  • Logitech® Harmony® Ultimate Remote

    Universal remote with customizable touchscreen and Bluetooth® and IR hub

    In Stock

    51 people say 

    • swipe and tap touchscreen
    • controls PS3®, Wii®, and Xbox 360
    • up to 50 customizable TV channel icons

    Free Shipping


Remote Control Setups for Multi-room SystemsTips, tricks, and recommendations to help you control your system from other rooms.

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