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In-wall RF Cables

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  • Monster Video® Quad-shield RG-6 cable

    Bulk in-wall-rated coaxial cable (Sold per foot)

    In Stock

    4 people say 

    • Best signal transfer and interference rejection available
    • UL-listed for in-wall installations
    • quadruple shielding w/ dual foil and high-density braid

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  • Channel Master Bulk Coaxial RG-6 Cable

     (500 feet, black)

    In Stock

    • create your own audio/video cables
    • full-bandwidth RG-6 cable for a range of audio and video applications
    • aluminum shielding

    Free Shipping


  • Monster Cable SV-RG6 RG-6 cable

    Double-shielded, in-wall-rated coaxial cable (500-ft. spool)

    In Stock

    • high-quality 75-ohm RG-6 coaxial cable for RF satellite/cable/antenna TV installations
    • double shielding with foil and high-density braid to reject interference
    • high-purity copper center conductor and low-loss dielectric minimize signal degradation

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    $199.99 After $200.00 Price Break

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