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Media Servers

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  • Fusion Research Expansion Hard Drive

    4TB external hard drive for Rocket Movie Server

    Low Stock

    2 people say 

    • easy connection to Rocket Movie Server with included USB cable
    • 4TB of storage
    • warranty: 1 year

    Free Shipping


    Scratch & Dent: $279.99
  • Samsung UHD Video Pack  New

    4K Ultra HD media player

    Ship date unknown Pre-Order
    • compact 4K Ultra HD media player for use with compatible 2014 Samsung 4K TVs (HU6950, HU7250, HU8550, and HU9000 series)
    • built-in 1-terabyte hard drive
    • comes pre-loaded with 4K content: ten full-length movies and 30 nature documentaries

    Free Shipping


  • Sony FMP-X1

    4K Ultra HD media player

    6 people say 

    Ship date unknown
    • 4K Ultra HD media player for use with compatible 2013 Sony 4K TVs (XBR-X850A and XBR-X900A series)
    • built-in 2-terabyte hard drive to hold downloaded movies and shows
    • Internet-ready — connect to Sony online store to access a library of 4K Ultra HD feature films
  • Sony FMP-X10

    4K Ultra HD media player

    Expected: 7/25/2014
    • 4K Ultra HD media player for use with compatible 2013 and 2014 Sony 4K TVs
    • built-in 1-terabyte hard drive holds movies and shows downloaded from Sony's online 4K Ultra HD store
    • HEVC decoding for watching Netflix streamed 4K content

    Free Shipping


  • Fusion Research Rocket Movie Server

    Store your DVD and Blu-ray collection for easy instant viewing

    Low Stock

    3 people say 

    • high-definition media server can store your DVDs, Blu-rays, music and photos
    • built-in 1.5-terabyte hard drive holds up to 225 DVDs or 45 Blu-rays; add an external drive to expand storage capacity
    • Internet-ready — connect to the Fusion Research movie database, stream movies from Netflix® and more

    Free Shipping

    $799.99 After $1,700.00 Outlet Savings