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Auxiliary Input Adapters

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  • PAC Aux Input Adapter for Audi

    Add an auxiliary input to your 1998-2004 Audi (Model PXHAD2)

    In Stock

    • lets you add an auxiliary input to the factory radio of select Audi models
    • requires the iSimple PXDX interface
    • converts CD changer input to aux input

    Free Shipping


  • iSimple PXDX

    Auxiliary input adapter for factory stereos

    In Stock

    • allows connection of almost any sound source to your factory radio
    • offers RCA and stereo mini-jack inputs
    • requires a vehicle-specific harness (not included)

    Free Shipping


  • PAC Auxiliary Input Adapter for Chrysler

    Lets you add an auxiliary input to select 2004-up Chrysler-made vehicles (Model CHYX)

    In Stock

    16 people say 

    • Lets you add an auxiliary input to the factory radio of select 2004-up Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles

    Free Shipping

    $99.99 After $30.00 Price Break

  • PAC Auxiliary Input Adapter for Ford

    Add two auxiliary inputs to select 2005-up Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, or Mercury vehicles

    In Stock

    4 people say 

    • add two auxiliary inputs to the factory radio in select Ford/Lincoln/Mercury models
    • features both 3.5mm and RCA connections

    Free Shipping


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