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AC Adapters

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  • Monster® Outlets to Go 3 Laptop

    Compact plug-in charger for laptops, tablets and smartphones

    In Stock

    • 3 side-mounted AC power outlets
    • 2 quick-charging high-power USB ports for portable devices like smartphones and tablets
    • retractable AC plug for maximum portability

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    $17.47 After $17.48 Price Break

  • Arista Worldwide USB Power Adapter

    In Stock

    • charges and powers iPod®, MP3 player, PDA, cell phone, satellite radio, and other USB devices
    • includes 4 plugs to fit electrical outlets in a range of countries

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  • Audioengine USB Power Adapter

    for compatible Audioengine components

    Out of Stock

    1 person says 

    Expected: 4/29/2014
    Reserve yours today
    • AC-to-USB power adapter for Audioengine W3, W2, or D1 USB-powered components
    • charges some smartphones and MP3 players that power up via USB
    • output: 5V; 1.0A

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    Scratch & Dent: $10.99
  • Monster Mobile® Outlets to Go

    USB PowerPack lets you charge two devices at the same time

    In Stock

    • dual USB ports let you power almost any two USB devices
    • retractable AC plug for maximum portability
    • built-in removable cigarette lighter adapter for car use

    Free Shipping

    $24.97 After $24.98 Price Break

    Open Box: $19.99

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