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  • Sony HVL-F43M  New

    Flash for Sony Alpha DSLR cameras

    Low Stock

    • tilts 105 degrees upward and 8 degrees downward to enable wide range of bounce effects
    • pivots left and right 90 degrees for quick transition between horizontal and vertical camera orientation
    • Wireless Ratio Control allows remote control of multiple flashes for complex shots
  • Canon MR-14EX II

    Ring light for macro photography

    In Stock

    • twin-tube ring light designed for close-up photography with EF Macro lenses
    • flash tubes can fire together or independently
    • illuminated LCD panel for easy flash settings in any lighting conditions

    Free Shipping

    $499.99 After $50.00 Instant Rebate(Ends Today)

  • Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT

    for Canon digital SLRs

    In Stock

    8 people say 

    • for use only with compatible Canon cameras
    • E-TTL (evaluative through-the-lens) operation for all Canon EOS digital SLRs
    • new 2.4GHz wireless communication mode adds additional flexibility when coordinating multiple flash units around physical obstacles

    Free Shipping

    $499.99 After $50.00 Instant Rebate(Ends Today)

  • Nikon SB-910

    Portable Speedlight flash unit for Nikon DSLRs and select Coolpix cameras

    In Stock

    6 people say 

    • for use only with compatible Nikon cameras
    • wireless and hot-shoe Speedlight flash can command up to three unlimited groups of compatible units
    • unit copes with thermal stress by intelligently slowing firing rate instead of cutting off

    Free Shipping


    Open Box: $494.99
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