Articles & Videos: Home Audio

When Crutchfield designer Erica learned that one of her roommates would be moving, she decided to take the opportunity to set up a home office. She wanted a clean uncluttered look, and the ability to really enjoy her music while working.

CD player glossary
by Loren Barstow

Learn about Compact Disc features and performance specifications.

Eric Palonen from Sennheiser was at Crutchfield for a training session, and showed us the Sennheiser HD 800 headphones, stereo headphones designed for audiophiles.

Satellite Radio Vehicle Installation Guide
by Crutchfield Writing Team

There are several ways to get satellite radio in your vehicle. The two most popular in-car satellite radio products are Dock and Play tuners and dedicated in-car tuners. This guide will walk you through the basics of installing each.

What works with Nest?
by Eric Angevine

Nest Labs created a communication standard that allows home automation devices from different manufacturers to work together. Learn about the Works With Nest program.

Satellite Radio Glossary
by Matt Freeman

Learn about the features and specifications included in satellite radio technology.

The Nest Protect is a smarter smoke alarm. It connects to your home network and can send alerts to your smartphone if the alarm is triggered by either smoke or carbon monoxide, and it's available in a battery-powered or wired version.

The Nest Learning Thermostat connects to your home network and immediately begins learning your energy habits. Over time, it takes over the tasks you used to do manually on your old thermostat, like changing the temperature at different times of day. By remembering what you like and reacting proactively to it, the thermostat helps save on energy costs over time.

Home speakers 101
by Loren Barstow

Learn how to choose, connect, and set up speakers for great music and home theater performance.

INSTEON home automation products give you easy control over certain plugged-in things in your home, even while you're not there. Their products connect to your home network, so you can access them over the internet using your smartphone or tablet. Using INSTEON products, you can control your home's lighting, check out the view from a networked camera, or set up a home security system.

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