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Make your music sound fantastic with an amp

Some essential tips for installing an amp

Installing an amp can be fun

An amplifier is your key to enjoying the best musical experience you'll ever have in your car. Installing one is a cool project — getting to know your car inside and out is often fun and satisfying. And the results will be well worth it: giving your music the power to overcome road noise has the potential to bring you joy every time you travel.

Here are the basic elements of any installation, including some tips from our tech support specialists aimed at preventing the problems customers most often call about. These tips will help you install your amplifier successfully the first time around, and enjoy it for a long time to come.

When you install an amp, you'll need to focus on these four areas:

  • Providing the proper size of power wire, ground wire, and fuse
  • Passing the power wire from your vehicle's battery to the interior through your vehicle's firewall
  • Connecting speaker and signal wiring to the amp
  • Mounting the amp with plenty of space
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