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Pure Digital's Flip Video Ultra Camcorder: Crutchfield staff check it out in person

Crutchfield trainer Bruce Southall recently gave our advisors a chance to try out the Flip Video Ultra camcorder -- you know, one of those web sharing camcorders everyone is calling a YouTube camcorder. We do a lot of in-house training, where energetic characters like Bruce (and J.R., from the myvu video we posted) walk the halls and show our staff some of the cooler products we carry. These rapid-fire trainings let us all play with the stuff we tell customers about every day. And then we realized that you all might enjoy seeing these real-world explorations as well, so we've compiled some clips for you to enjoy. (You can also read Tara's post on Web-sharing camcorders for some more details on these nifty shooters.)

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