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Memory Card Readers: Why you might need one


If you're like me, then chances are you've got more than a few electronics lying around at home. I've got my cell phone, my digital camera, and usually a camcorder or two that I'm trying out for work — and if you double that by all the devices that my boyfriend has, then we've got quite a jumble. Since each of these devices take memory cards, my boyfriend recently decided to get us a memory card reader to make life a little bit easier — and I love it. [Shop our selection of memory card readers.]

Before, when I wanted to hook up my camera or camcorder to my PC, I had to struggle to bend under my desk and reach behind my computer's tower to plug in my camera or camcorder via USB. And in the case of the high-def camcorders I tested a couple of weeks ago, I also had to reach for the corner of the wall to plug the camcorder into the AC outlet for power.

Now instead of wasting time straining under my desk, I simply leave the memory card reader connected to my computer via USB, and leave it on my desk. When I want to add photos or music to my phone, store photos from my digital camera on my computer, or transfer videos from the camcorder I'm testing to my computer, I just plug the device's memory card into the card reader.

And since various companies stick to their own propriety memory card (like Sony's Memory Stick), it's nice to have something that works with them all. The card reader that we have accepts CompactFlash® cards, SD™ cards, MultiMediaCards™, Sony Memory Sticks®, Memory Stick PRO™ Duo cards, and xD-Picture Cards™. Our memory card reader is a simple, inexpensive device that ties all of our electronics together.

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