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Better car audio, Tip #9: Add a sub and hear what you've been missing

Crutchfield Hi-Fi 2.0A good subwoofer will bring the bottom octave of your music back into proper balance, so you'll hear familiar tunes in a whole new light. It'll take a load off your full-range speakers too, since you'll be playing your tunes with the bass control set at "0" instead of "+5".

Some people get turned off by subs throbbing next to them at traffic lights, but it's not just about the boom - you can adjust any subwoofer to fit your tastes and your vehicle. And once you drive with a subwoofer, you can never go back to living without one. Or two.

Watch our video on adding a powered sub.

This post is excerpted from a recent article in our Learning Center, Jeff's Tips for Getting Maximum Sound Quality in Your Car.

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