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Gift Ideas for the iPod/iPhone/iPad owner

We've published a lot of articles and reviews this year, many of them offering some great gift ideas. Here's a roundup of some of what we consider the most helpful this holiday season.

Chances are you know more than one person who owns one (or more) iPod®, iPhone®, and/or iPad™. We've reviewed several Apple-related items this past year — such as speaker systems, headphones and docks — that can enhance the usefulness and entertainment value of these devices.

Headphones for Portables

Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones — substance and style

The AKG Quincy Jones Signature Q460 headphones — hear music the way Quincy hears it

Speaker systems

iHome iHM79 rechargeable portable speakers  —share the music

The Kicker iK100 —small system, surprisingly big sound

Fun in the Sun with the Eton Soulra Solar-Powered iPod Speaker System

The Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Lifts the Party

Geneva Sound Model S — Genuinely Superb


Clock radios/iPod docks

The TEAC HD-1 radio/iPod dock is A-OK

The Eye-Opening iLuv Vibe



The IDAPT I3 Charging Station — I like


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Gift ideas for the iPod/iPhone/iPad owner

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