Sound Ordnance -- another YouTube review (part 1)

Sound Ordnance B-17 bandpass enclosure with 12" subwooferYou have to admit, Sound Ordnance stuff just looks good. And that's not just our opinion. We've seen people post videos of their S/O gear fresh out of the box!

And that's exactly what DodgeNeonSXT did. He laid out the equipment he's going to install and shot a video of it all. We're happy that he couldn't wait to show off his latest purchase from Crutchfield.

At the heart of his system is the Sound Ordnance M-1500 Mono subwoofer amplifier, packing 500 watts of power.  And a good portion of that juice will be used to power his new Sound Ordnance B-17 bandpass enclosure with 12" subwoofer.

Here's DodgeNeonSXT's first video on YouTube. But he promises there's more to come!

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