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Alpine ICS-X7HD Digital Media Receiver Android Features

Alpine ICS-X7HD

$599.99 IN STOCK
We’ve long recommended Alpine receivers to anyone looking for great sound and solid performance. Now, with their ICS-X7HD digital media receiver, they’ve given you smartphone junkies and digital-media aficionados a receiver that speaks your language. Not only will it connect to your iPhone® or Android™ phone to take advantage of apps you’ve loaded, it also comes with built-in Bluetooth® that lets you make hands-free calls and stream music wirelessly. To top it off, its built-in HD Radio™ tuner allows you to enjoy vastly-improved sound quality from participating local AM and FM stations.

Check out how this receiver works with the free MirrorLink app to "mirror" your Galaxy S3 smartphone's screen.

Zak: I'm at the Alpine booth at CES 2013 with Steve. And Steve, tell us about the ICS-X7HD as it applies to Android.

Steve: Well yeah, if you're an Android user, and specifically a Samsung Galaxy S3 user, Samsung's about to launch an app that you're really going to be excited about. It's called MirrorLink — and actually their app is called the Drive Link app — and what it does is it allows you to mirror some of the functions from your phone directly onto your in-dash screen. Now this is great because this app is optimized for vehicle use, so it's really designed with big icons and big buttons so you can really see it and operate it easily while you drive.

And as you can see, we've got three different applications. We've got music, we've got phone, and we've got location. Now really, the biggest benefit here is the location option because now I take the great turn-by-turn live updated navigation that's in my Samsung phone, and I'm mirroring it directly on to my screen so now I can see exactly the same navigation that I'm looking at on my phone, but now it's in the dash, it's on a bigger screen, and it's easier to operate. And that's really the benefit. So now I've got an AV unit that's coming in at a relatively low cost that I can add a navigation system to with my phone that already exists.

Zak: Sounds great. Thanks Steve.

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