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CES Spotlight: Canon EOS M Digital Camera

Canon made the world wait before releasing its first mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera — a breed we often refer to as a "hybrid." Now the world is discovering the wait was worth it. Canon has infused the EOS M camera with its decades of knowledge about what it takes to make a camera fully featured and irresistable.

Zak: I'm at CES 2013 at the Canon booth here with Ben. Now Ben, tell me about the EOS M.

Ben: Alright. So here's our EOS M digital camera. And this camera is an 18-megapixel APS-C size sensor. So it's a nice large sensor, and it's also an interchangeable lens camera. So it comes with a 22mm prime lens, but if you would like, you could actually attach an EOS M adapter and put your EF lenses or your EF-S lenses on top of here. What makes this camera also stand out is gonna be its design to capture video. So this has movie servo AF. And what that means is its going to have continuous autofocusing no matter how you're shooting. You have selectable frame rates, audio manual control on this camera.

Zak: That's fantastic. Thanks Ben. That's the EOS M

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