Noise suppressor FAQ

Help get rid of noise

Q: Is it possible to have noise in my stereo even if I don't have a separate amplifier?

A: It sure is, especially if you have an aftermarket receiver. Because a high-powered aftermarket receiver's circuits are more sensitive than a factory stereo, it may pick up noise from your car. Luckily, this means you should have an easier time finding the cause and fixing it.

One of the easiest tricks that some people overlook is checking your battery fluid. If it's low, top it off with distilled water. If that doesn't take care of the noise, then refer to our diagnostic flowchart to help track down the problem.

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Q: My friend's system has a lot of noise. How do we start to locate the problem?

A: First, disconnect the stereo patch cables (that run to your amp) from the preamp outputs of your receiver. If the noise stops, then you know that the noise is originating from your receiver (or equalizer, if you're using one); if it doesn't stop, the noise is being introduced somewhere between the patch cables and your amplifier (double check your amp's ground). Finding the culprit is a process of checking each component in your system either by elimination or substitution — until the noise stops.

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