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What Are Dedicated Home Satellite Radios?

Sirius home tuner

Sirius home tuner

If you plan on listening to satellite radio exclusively at home, dedicated home radios will give you the best sound options. No matter which system you choose, an indoor or outdoor antenna is necessary to pick up the satellite signal (many include indoor antennas).

Tuner for "XM Ready" or "Sirius Ready" home receivers

If you've got a home receiver labeled "XM Ready," or "Sirius Ready," these are for you. All you have to do is plug in the antenna into the receiver, make sure you have reception, and subscribe to XM or Sirius. Half the processing of the satellite signal is done in the antenna; the other half in the receiver.

Internet table radio

This tabletop radio is compact and easy to place in any room. It connects to the Internet through your home connection, either via ethernet cable or Wi-Fi®. Then you can dial in SiriusXM programming through your SiriusXM Internet Radio subscription.

SiriusXM TTR1

Table radio

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