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SiriusXM Satellite Radio is a subscription service that offers you a wide variety of entertainment, including music, news, sports, talk, entertainment, traffic and weather services, and more. It's broadcast from coast to coast in the 48 lower United States (including Puerto Rico for Sirius), so you'd be able to drive from, say, Boston to San Diego and never lose the signal. The signal is also digital, so it's always clear and free of static. When you subscribe, you receive an entertainment package of over 140 channels.


Satellite radio gives you serious entertainment value

The music channels represent a significantly wider variety of genres than you'll ever hear on conventional radio. You'll get all your familiar styles, such as modern pop, classic rock, modern country, alternative, adult contemporary, and R & B. You'll also be able to delve deeply into genres like vocal and instrumental jazz, classical, Broadway standards, college-radio indie rock, Latin, uncensored classic and modern Hip Hop, Christian, classic country, punk...the list goes on and on. Within each of those genres, even the familiar ones, you'll hear incredible programming depth. Refreshingly, most of the music channels of each service are commercial-free.

If you're an out-of-market sports fan, you can get all kinds of live broadcasts from your favorite NFL, MLB, and college games. NASCAR fans can follow the big race. If you're traveling but don't want to miss the action, SiriusXM has you covered. Check your programming package to make sure your sport is covered.

The traffic and weather channels provide regularly updated reports of conditions in over 20 metropolitan areas around the country, which can help when you're in the middle of your commute, or taking a trip to any one of them.

Exclusive Entertainment & Talk — enjoy content from the biggest names, plus compelling talk andhilarious comedy. Hear Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Oprah RadioR, The Foxxhole presented by Jamie Foxx, Comedy Central Radio, Entertainment Weekly Radio, Blue Collar Radio, Opie & Anthony, political talk and more. And there are channels that are great for kids, too, like Kidz Bop, Radio Disney, Kids Place Live and Laugh USA.

Subscription plans & fees

SiriusXM offers three subscription plan platforms: Sirius, XM and SiriusXM. The channel offerings are pretty similar, but do differ slightly. For instance, SiriusXM radios and SiriusXM Internet Radio offer something extra: access to their 20+ Xtra Channels, including additional Latino programming. Only select radios can get the SiriusXM plans. Just give us a call if you have any questions about the small differences between the offerings.

See our breakdown of the most popular satellite radio programming packages.

What do I need to listen to satellite radio?

Satellite radio began life as strictly a car thing, but quickly spread into the home and beyond. All you need to get satellite radio service is a satellite radio (there are several types for car and home), a satellite radio antenna, and a subscription.

The type of radio you choose depends on where you'd like to listen to satellite radio most, and the type of hardware you'd like to have. Click the following link for a deeper discussion of satellite radio hardware and accessories.

Satellite Radio
Satellite radio can make any drive that much more enjoyable.

Regular radio is free. Is satellite radio really worth it?

We think you'll fall in love with the entertainment variety you'll find on satellite radio. Never has radio been this diverse, in terms of the music you find, the entertainment you enjoy, and the sports coverage you get. The coast-to-coast coverage area also makes it an indispensable part of any long road trip you take, especially when you consider that there are channels that do nothing but continuously update traffic and weather conditions in certain cities around the country.

Satellite Radio

Ready for more?

If you want to find the best options in adding satellite radio to your home or car stereo, check out our SiriusXM store. You'll find helpful shopping tools to help answer your questions.

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