How to Choose Vibration Damping

Vibration dampeners and noise deadeners can improve the sound of your vehicle by lowering the amount of ambient noise when you drive. Here are a few ways how:

  • Speaker grilles tend to resonate and buzz, road and engine noise can come through the firewall and floor, and a door panel missing a rivet can vibrate noisily. Noise deadeners can help reduce these annoyances.
  • Just using an inexpensive door kit can make your speakers sound better by damping the resonance around the speaker area.
  • If your vehicle has a lot of ambient noise, applying a vibration damper can give you a quieter, more relaxing ride.

Get Everything You Need

A professional roller simplifies installation and ensures you get a tight adhesive bond without air bubbles.

Smooth sailing
A well-insulated vehicle keeps wind- and road-noise to a minimum, giving you a quiet ride and nice listening environment as you float down the highway. If your car doesn't have that dreamboat feel, vibration dampening products may be in order.

Adding a layer of vibration damping material to your car will absorb much of the ambient noise. By reducing this noise, your music sounds better and more detailed because it doesn't have to compete with the sound of your engine, the surrounding traffic, or the hum of the road beneath you.

The more damping material you use, the more your car will sound like a luxury automobile. If you use your cell phone while driving, you'll appreciate the difference because you'll be able to hear your calls much better.

If you like your music loud, vibration damping should be one of the essential components of your system. Loud music, especially bass, can create a lot of vibrations on its own.

Damping vibrations
Products like Dynamat and HushMat are made to absorb vibrations and noises, giving you a reduction in distracting sounds. Using Dynamat to quiet vibrations can reduce your car's noise by at least 3 dB, which is like virtually doubling your amplifier's power rating in terms of gaining musical clarity and definition.

Dynamat sheets are easy to cut, so you can apply them in all the odd-shaped nooks and crannies in your vehicle. It is available in different sizes and grades so that you can get the most appropriate piece of Dynamat for each part of your car, with little waste of material or money.

Warming up Dynamat with a heat gun or hair dryer during installation increases its flexibility and improves its adhesion to the mounting surface. It becomes easier to install and holds tighter when you're done. The high-tack, permanent adhesive is covered by a plastic liner. Just peel and stick.

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