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Video: Analog-to-HDMI Conversion & Upconversion

HDMI has become a must-have connection for high-definition home theater. In this short video, Crutchfield home theater experts Shawn and Amanda explain how HDMI conversion and upconversion can help you make the most of your HDMI connections.

Shawn: Hello. My name's Shawn.

Amanda: I'm Amanda.

Shawn: And we're going to be talking about analog-to-HDMI conversion.

Amanda: So can you explain like why would analog-to-HDMI conversion be a helpful thing for someone to have?

Shawn: Sure. Yeah, with the normal way we do things, whatever cable you have depending on the component, every cable you plug into your receiver, the same cable you have to come out. So if you have five components that use different cables, that's five different cables that you have to output into your television.

So what analog-to-HDMI conversion does is, you still have the same amount of cables that go into the receiver, but you only have one cable which goes to your television, which makes it quite nice if you have a TV on the wall, and you don't want to fish a lot of cables to it.

Amanda: Yeah. Much easier and neater and cleaner and everything. And some of these receivers can also do video upconversion. So say you have your standard definition video from your cable box going into your receiver, then it can upconvert it to 1080i or 1080p depending on the model, and it won't look as sharp and as crisp as real HD will, but it'll be a cleaner, sharper picture overall.

Shawn: Yeah, every little bit helps. And also one extra cable means one less remote you have to press, so your TV essentially just becomes a monitor.

Amanda: Yep, easier to use. There you have it — analog-to-HDMI conversion and upconversion.

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