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Video: Multi-room/Multi-source Audio

Most home theater receivers these days are multi-room-capable — that is, they can play different audio signals in different rooms at the same time. Crutchfield home theater experts Shawn and Amanda walk you through the basics of multi-room receivers and how you can take advantage of your receiver's capabilities.

Shawn: Hello, my name's Shawn.

Amanda: And I'm Amanda.

Shawn: And we're going to be talking about multi-room receivers.

Amanda: Right, and a lot of receivers nowadays have multi-room capability, so what does that give you?

Shawn: Basically it gives you a very easy way to add multiple zones to your same receiver. For example, say you have your main theater room that you watch movies on, but yet, somebody else wants to listen to something totally different in another room. Well, that's where multi-room audio comes into play. You're able to watch your movie in one room, send sound to a totally separate room.

Amanda: Cool, so you could be watching a movie in full surround sound in your main room, while your housemate listens to the game while they grill on the deck or cook in the kitchen or something.

Shawn: Exactly. And then some receivers take that a step farther. So then you get into receivers that allow you to do up to three different rooms or zones. So basically you have your main theater position, you have a second room that can also do video, and you have a third room that also does audio.

Amanda: So it's very flexible and you can really entertain a whole bunch of people at the same time with different stuff in the same house all from the same receiver.

Shawn: Exactly right. That's it.

Amanda: Cool, and there are a couple of different ways to connect these systems, too, right? There's the speaker level outputs which just connect to a speaker. And also, the line level?

Shawn: Yeah, line level's for when you have more than just a pair of speakers or you have larger speakers you want to run. It just gives you some extra oomph from a separate amplifier.

Amanda: And you can find out more about how to connect a system like this at crutchfield.com/multiroomreceiver or you can call our advisors at 1-888-955-6000.

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