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HDTV: An Introduction

The usual response from a new HDTV owner is, "Wow, I had no idea what I was missing." If you're still missing out on the HD experience, we want to help.

There are a lot of decisions to make when choosing a new HDTV. What's the best screen size for your room? Which TV technologies best fit your viewing habits, and which features can you live without? The videos and articles listed below will help you answer those questions, and offer tips on how get the best picture on your TV once you get it home. You can also watch our videos about HDTV in our video library, including shopping guides, how-to's, and product reviews.

And don't forget, you can always get good TV advice from one of our expert advisors.

HDTV 101


Screen size

TV types

TV technologies

  • Watch our short video to learn about what contrast ratio means for a TV's picture quality, and how to use contrast ratio numbers when comparing TVs.
  • Check out our short video to learn about today's Internet-ready TVs.
  • Shopping for an LCD TV? Watch our video to learn about faster 120Hz and 240Hz refresh rates, and what they mean for the performance of your HDTV.
  • Learn about the differences between fluorescent and LED backlighting in LCD TVs in this short video.

TV connections and setup

Getting the best picture and sound

Earth-friendly TV tips

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