Video: Denon DVD-2500BTCI Blu-ray Player

Malcolm and Julie take a close look at Denon's DVD-2500BTCI Blu-ray player in this short video.

Julie: Hi, I'm Julie.

Malcolm: And I'm Malcolm.

Julie: And we're here today with Denon's DVD-2500BTCi Blu-ray player, and you may notice we're actually starting off by showing you the back panel.

Malcolm: That's right; this piece is really beauty and simplicity. Denon has focused on the meat and potatoes of Blu-ray. They know that their customers are mainly going to be connecting this with HDMI — HDMI is what's going to pass their 1080p picture, also the lossless audio, to a compatible receiver. So the focus here is really on quality, and really making sure that every piece within this unit is going to really put out great video and sound.

Julie: That's right, and let's turn it round and show the front panel. As we turn it you can see this isn't the lightest player we've ever picked up and handled.

Malcolm: No!

Julie: And that's because one of the other commitments to performance is making sure that this thing has exceptional build quality. Denon went ahead and built this the way they build their audiophile components, with an extremely rigid construction, with an aluminum faceplate, and pretty heavy duty components inside too, and that's why it weighs about 20 pounds. And the result is exceptional video and exceptional audio for Blu-ray Discs. And that is Denon's DVD-2500BTCi Blu-ray player.

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