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Shopping for a Blu-ray player? Find out about the latest features so you can find one that's right for you.


So in the five or so years that Blu-ray players have been around there's been lots of upgrades. They do so much more than they were ever able to do before. Of course, you can't get better picture quality anywhere else, the sound quality is amazing, and all the little extras they've built in are just awesome.

So you probably have a 1080p TV and you want to make sure you're watching 1080p. Well the absolute best 1080p source is a Blu-ray player. Now what about your old collection of DVDs like this one behind me here? Don't worry. You don't have to take them to Salvation Army or sell them on Craigslist. They're still watchable. Not only watchable — your Blu-ray player will play them — but it will play them better than your older DVD player ever could because it takes that old DVD signal and upconverts it and makes it look better than ever on your high definition TV.

So with all this talk about picture quality you might be wondering "How do Blu-ray players sound?" Well, with 7.1-channel surround sound formats that can also be "loss-less", so there's no compression, they're your best surround sound source available. And Blu-ray players are adaptable, so that basically you're gonna get the best surround sound possible with whichever A/V receiver you have. And if you're interested in 3D, there's a lot of Blu-ray players that are now 3D-ready. Of course, you're going to need a 3D-ready television, some 3D glasses, a 3D Blu-ray player, and a 3D movie.

And who would have thought we would be connecting our movie players to the internet? But that's just what we're doing. So in addition to playing just about any disc you can put in them, you can access all of these cool things from the internet like Netflix and YouTube and Pandora and lots more. In addition to extra features on Blu-rays with BD-Live, most Blu-ray players are capable of connecting to the internet. Some have Wi-Fi built in. Some you need a Wi-Fi adapter to make them Wi-Fi capable but either way they are your entertainment center.

So I know it's a lot to take in. If you need help picking out the right Blu-ray player all you gotta do is give us a call, you can chat with us online, or you can email us. Heck you might even end up talking to me.

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