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Light up your dash with Pioneer MIXTRAX

Turn your stereo into a DJ-mixed dance club

You know that feeling, when you’re at a party or a club, enjoying some high-energy jams courtesy of a great DJ who can mix and blend your favorite songs seamlessly? Well, your car stereo can give you the same feeling. Pioneer’s newest lineup of CD and DVD receivers offers their unique MIXTRAX technology, which emulates techniques used by world-famous DJs to provide you with uninterrupted entertainment as you drive.

Pioneer MIXTRAX stereos

Turn your car into a nightclub

MIXTRAX EZ links together songs from your iPod® or thumb drive using club-inspired audio effects to create a continuous mix at the push of a button. The illuminations on the receiver’s display move in rhythm to the music to keep the party vibe going.

For an even more authentic DJ experience, you can use MIXTRAX software on your computer (free download available at mixtraxnet.com) to analyze your music collection. It’ll match your songs by tempo and allow you to make custom non-stop mixes and playlists that you can add to a USB drive or SD card and access through select Pioneer receivers. Some receivers even gives you the ability to change the beats per minute of your songs without changing their pitch, so you can add a touch of creativity to your mixes.

Here's how Pioneer describes MIXTRAX:

MIXTRAX graphs

All Pioneer receivers with MIXTRAX feature:

  • A customizable color display
  • Android™ smartphone music control via USB
  • Compatibility with the Pandora® app for iPhone®

See Pioneer's MIXTRAX in action

Here's what MIXTRAX looks like on the DEH-X6500BT CD receiver:

Here are a few of the Pioneer stereos that feature MIXTRAX. You can see Crutchfield's entire lineup of MIXTRAX receivers here:

Pioneer DEH-X2700UI CD receiver

DEH-X2700UI CD receiver

A good introduction to the MIXTRAX experience. You also get illuminated USB and auxiliary inputs, a 5-band EQ, and a fresh, multi-line display with custom colors that’s easy to read.

PIoneer DEH-X7600S CD receiver

DEH-X7600BS CD receiver

MIXTRAX turns your digital tunes into a continuous blend. Plus, you can add SiriusXM Satellite Radio service with an optional tuner and your paid subscription. This receiver also offers the same features as the DEH-X2700UI above.

Pioneer FH-X720BT CD receiver

FH-X720BT CD receiver

Looking to fill your double-sized dash opening with something sleeklooking and packed with features? The FH-X720BT boasts a futuristic design to give your MIXTRAX mixes added visual excitement. Built-in Bluetooth® rounds out this party machine.

Pioneer AVH-X5700BHS DVD receiver

AVH-X5700BHS DVD receiver

This A/V receiver offers special visual MIXTRAX features, including effects like “dancing” album artwork on the 6.95" touchscreen display. Your passengers will be thrilled and surprised by the DJ-inspired sound effects that announce upcoming seamless transitions between your digital tunes. Other features include Bluetooth, an HD Radio™ tuner, and a wireless remote.

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