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Raise the soundstage

by installing new tweeters in your ride


John Pollard

John Pollard spent the first six years of his time at Crutchfield on the phone helping people as an Advisor. He later joined the writing staff, focusing on car stereo gear. A native of Charlottesville, VA, he left our rolling hills for the idyllic wonderland of Seattle. Despite the distance, John still works for us, leading up a special project for our vehicle photos database.

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Installing tweeters in your factory tweeter locations, or custom-mounting them on the upper part of your doors, will give you better stereo imaging and raise the soundstage to your ears. You’ll hear better placement of instruments in recordings, and you’ll enjoy more depth of sound. This is especially true if the tweeters are part of a component speaker system. And they might not be as difficult to install as you may think. 


Standard mounting methods 

There are essentially three different ways to mount a tweeter, regardless of where you choose to mount it. Tweeter manufacturers generally include adapters for all three mounting applications.

Surface mount

The tweeter sits on top of the mounting location; you’ll need to drill a small hole to pass the speaker wire through and secure the tweeter.

Tweeter surface mount

Flush mount

The top of the tweeter sits flush with the mounting surface; you’ll need to drill a hole as large as the tweeter itself.

Tweeter flush mount

Bottom mount

The tweeter presses up under an existing grille so you won’t need to create new holes.

Tweeter bottom mount

Common tweeter locations 

Tweeters improve your music the most when they are near shoulder level, in front of you, and far apart from each other. This allows them to create a raised soundstage with plenty of stereo separation. Below are the four most common places you'll find tweeters mounted in a car.

Sail panel

You’ll find the sail in the corner of your door window. Some factory tweeters come installed in this location. Generally, a flush mount works best if your car didn’t come with factory tweeters, while a bottom mount might be possible if it did.

Tweeter sail panel


Some vehicles come equipped with tweeters in the dash. A bottom mount makes the most sense here, though you might have to build a bracket to secure the tweeter. If you plan to build a bracket, try using the universal back strap we offer.

Tweeter dash location

“A” pillar

The “A” pillar sits between your windshield and front door window, and sometimes houses a factory tweeter. This location generally offers little depth, so a surface mount is likely your best bet here.

Tweeter "A" pillar location

Upper door

Custom-mounting in your upper door panel makes sense if your vehicle doesn’t come equipped with tweeters, or if the factory tweeter location is too shallow to work with. A flush mount makes the most sense in this location; keep in mind that you’ll need to drill a large hole in the panel.

Tweeter flush mount

Learn more about tweeters

To learn more about tweeters themselves, you can read our article about how tweeter design affects sound

When you're ready to add new speakers to your car, use our vehicle selector to find out what fits your car. Or just jump right into our full selection of component speakers. Also, don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email if you have any questions about adding some tweeters or component speakers to your system.

  • Troy from United States

    Posted on 5/21/2015 11:55:59 PM

    does patching tweeters into the front channel mess with the ohm rating?

  • Robert Ferency-Viars from Crutchfield

    Posted on 5/22/2015 10:36:23 AM

    Troy, that's a great question. The answer is that yes, adding new tweeters does impact the impedance of those speaker channels, but that impact is almost negligible. You're not going to strain your receiver. This is because tweeters have tiny motor structures and play over such a narrow frequency range that they don't add much to the overall impedance load.

  • Troy Allen from san diego

    Posted on 6/1/2015 3:26:27 PM

    Thanks! Ive wondered about that for years. makes sense.

  • Ch.Ajaydas from Chennai,India

    Posted on 6/4/2015 12:45:03 AM

    Dear, I am working for Mahindra and Mahindra ltd, Automotive Company. Responsible or Audio and Acoustics in vehicle. Would like to know what is the ideal position for packaging tweeters and Speakers in vehicle. please contact us back on this requirement at the earliest

  • Alexander Hrabe from Crutchfield

    Posted on 6/5/2015 7:31:02 AM

    Ch.Ajaydas, the best placement for tweeters is as high as possible, angled toward the listener's ears. That's why many people mount theirs in the top of the door or the pillar. Woofers get mounted in the doors because it's the only place there's room, but the higher in the door the better. Again, if there's a target, it's the listener's ears.

  • Dave from LA

    Posted on 7/21/2015 1:22:00 PM

    I already have an amp running my front/rear door speakers and I would like to add some front tweeters. How would I go about this? I was thinking about changing the door speakers at the same time because they are older and don't sound that great. Thanks

  • Alexander Hrabe from Crutchfield

    Posted on 7/21/2015 4:43:03 PM

    Dave, take a look at this article on installing car speakers for an idea of the process. If you purchase your speakers from us, you can call Tech Support for free help with installation. Be sure to use our vehicle selector to ensure the speakers you want will fit your car, or give us a call at 1.888.955.6000 and an advisor can make recommendations for you. Basically, if your car doesn't already have factory tweeters, you'll need to find a way to mount them. I'm guessing you already have full range speakers in the front door locations, so this would be an opportune time to swap them out for a component set, otherwise you'll have two pairs of tweeters in the front (one pair is built into your current full-range speakers).

  • Mark from Rio Rancho

    Posted on 9/27/2015 12:40:47 AM

    I see from a past response that the ideal location for tweeters is high up on the door or A pillar. I am researching the JL Audio component speaker sets and according to their owners manual, they show the ideal location down by the mid range speaker for best results. Is this just for this brand? Please help me get some clarification.

  • Alexander Hrabe from Crutchfield

    Posted on 9/28/2015 10:57:45 AM

    Mark, generally you're limited to your factory locations, but if that's not the case, JL Audio points out (taking a look at JL Audio C2650 Evolution components manual for example), that ideal woofer placement is in the lower front of the door or the kick panel. They suggest that ideally you won't want a distance greater than 8" between where you place the woofers and where you place the tweeters. That's good advice if it's possible. It may not be, which is why many vehicles use the A-panel as a tweeter location. Either way, you'll want to place the tweeters higher than the woofers so that the higher frequencies have more direct travel to your ears. Perhaps the best advice in the JL Audio manual is to experiment with tweeter locations before committing to a final mounting location. In the end, the sound that pleases you best is the best sound there is. Good luck!

  • Mike from 08527

    Posted on 3/23/2016 11:13:24 AM

    I have the JL C3-650 speakers. I have the rears set in Coaxial configuration and the fronts I was going to set in a component set-up. Would I want to mount the tweeters on the Nissan Rogue up buy the window where the existing tweeters were or down in a different configuration?

  • Alexander Hrabe from Crutchfield

    Posted on 3/24/2016 6:35:36 AM

    Mike, you can certainly experiment with a different location, but the factory tweeter location will probably make your installation work a bit easier.