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Lynn Thorne

Lynn worked as part of the Crutchfield car audio writing staff in 2013. She left to pursue a greater opportunity, but made a strong mark on our team while she was here.

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Phone securely mounted to the dashA dash mount keeps your phone within reach

Call me (a safe driver)

Quick: You're driving and your cell phone rings. Do you know who's calling? Even if you recognize the ring tone, can you safely answer? Where and how your phone is mounted can keep it accessible and enable you to use it with less risk on the road.

With so many functions at your fingertips – streaming music (Pandora, anyone?), navigation, texts, apps and yes, phone calls – the phone needs to be within reach to be used safely while driving. Mounting it provides easy access and eliminates fumbling in a purse or having it slide off your lap when you slam on the brakes to avoid a rear-end collision or a wayward deer. And keeping your smartphone affixed to your vehicle lets you see those all-important maps while the phone's charging, rather than laying it flat on the passenger seat and hoping you won't miss your exit.

Location, location, location

Where your phone is mounted makes a difference. Placing it right in front of your face might be tempting – but may cause distractions. If the phone's not close enough, you defeat the purpose. And if you have a front-seat passenger, you can share control if you place it appropriately.

Fortunately, there are plenty of easy and inexpensive mounting options. From a vehicle-specific model that perfectly fits your dash to one that clips to your vent, you can find one that works for you. Of course, a Crutchfield advisor is just an email or a phone call away to help you choose the right mounting option if you need a second opinion.

Universal mounting

Universal mounting kits work in any car, and most are portable from one car to another. They are available in a variety of mounting options, so you can pick the one that works best for you. You should consider where you'd like to mount your smartphone or other device and select the kit that gives you that perfect placement.

  • The Pro.Fit UltiMount V2 and miCRADLE 4 Package simply sticks with super-strong adhesive and offers a swiveling arm and pivoting head for maximum flexibility. This option is of a more permanent nature but offers a very strong and secure mount.
  • Escort Live! offers several mounting kits that are more portable. Their vent-mounted kit provides you with an easy and portable installation. It clips onto the air vent in your dash and provides a secure mount that's easy to relocate to another vehicle.
  • Escort Live! also offers a suction cup mounting kit that features both windshield- and dash-mounting options, plus a beanbag base that can gently cradle your phone. Like the vent mount, you can easily move it to another vehicle for that weekend trip.
Pro.Fit UltiMount V2 / miCradle 4 packagePro.Fit adhesive-mounted kit
Escort Live! Convenience kitEscort Live! vent-mounted kit
Escort Live! convenience kitEscort Live! windshield/dash mount

Vehicle-specific mounting

Vehicle-specific mounts, like the Pro.Fit VSM G3, look great on your dash because each is custom-built for a specific vehicle. They provide a more sleek and factory-finished look. And since the bracket mounts to a gap in your dash that's already there, you can remove it easily and it won't leave a trace. There's a three step process to finding the vehicle-specific mount for you:

  1. Find the bracket for your vehicle by using our Vehicle Selector.
  2. Find the best cradle for your device; there are options for phones, navigators, and universal device holders.
  3. Install the system.

Installation of most Pro.Fit mounts involves just a few steps. First, you need to disassemble part of your dash to get to the spot where the bracket will go. Then, depending on your vehicle, you'll use existing screws in the dash or drill small pilot holes to attach the bracket. Finally, you reassemble the dash and attach the cradle that'll hold your phone.

Installing a Pro.Fit mountInstalling the bracket
Pro.Fit VSM installedBracket installed
Pro.Fit miPro 450 mount installedDevice mount attached to the bracket

Safety first

No matter how you're using your smartphone, proper mounting is a smart idea. Just don't place it directly in front of your airbags or too high on the dash – it could become a missile in an accident (and few people look good with a logo permanently imprinted on their forehead). Having your phone mounted in your car while you're driving means you're safer – and less likely to miss a call or that turn coming up on your right. (Recalculating...)

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